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Well then! Welcome to Scribbles Designs!

And welcome to Sandy's world of her funky imagination and quirky characters. Sandy's has had a pencil in her hand since she was "knee-high to a grasshopper" and started on her artistic journey with her first family ball & stick figures portrait at age 3. We'll have to find the piece of work in the family history trunk and post it...

Back to the regular scheduled program! Sandy has loved art, drawing, water coloring and doodling for many years... and with the digital image world she can now share it with all of you. Brrr (Penguin) was her first main character and her other quirky images followed not long after. We hope you enjoy the enduring images and look around and add Sandy's images to your digital stamp collections...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

#A 34 Blueberries Doodle ($3.00)

#A 34 Blueberries Doodle ($3.00)

#A 33 Watermelon Doodle ($3.00)

#A 33 Watermelon Doodle ($3.00)


#B 10 Frame 10 ($3.00)

#B 10 Frame 10 ($3.00)

#B 09 Frame 9 ($3.00)

#B 09 Frame 9 ($3.00)

#A 32 Flower Doodle 9 ($3.00)

#A 32 Flower Doodle 9 ($3.00)

#A 31 Flower Doodle 8 ($3.00)

#A 31 Flower Doodle 8 ($3.00)

#A 30 Flower Doodle 7 ($3.00)

#A 30 Flower Doodle 7 ($3.00)

#A 29 Flower Doodle 6 ($3.00)

#A 29 Flower Doodle 6 ($3.00)

#A 28 Flower Doodle 5 ($3.00)

#A 28 Flower Doodle 5 ($3.00)

#A 27 Flower Doodle 4 ($3.00)

#A 27 Flower Doodle 4 ($3.00)