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Well then! Welcome to Scribbles Designs. And welcome to Sandy's world of her funky imagination and quirky characters. Sandy's has had a pencil in her hand since she was "knee-high to a grasshopper" and started on her artistic journey with her first family ball & stick figures portrait at age 3. We'll have to find the piece of work in the family history trunk and post it...

Back to the regular scheduled program! Sandy has loved art, drawing,and doodling for many years... and with the digital image world she can now share it with all of you. Brrr (Penguin) was her first main character and her other quirky images followed not long after. We hope you enjoy the enduring images and look around and add Sandy's images to your digital stamp collections!

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Monday, March 31, 2014

#432 Hoppy 7 ($3.00)

#432 Hoppy 7 ($3.00)

#431 Hoppy 6 ($3.00)

#431 Hoppy 6 ($3.00)

#430 Hoppy 5 ($3.00)

#430 Hoppy 5 ($3.00)

#429 Hoppy 4 ($3.00)

#429 Hoppy  4 ($3.00)

#428 Hoppy Egg 6 ($3.00)

#428 Hoppy Egg 6 ($3.00)

#427 Hoppy Egg 5 ($3.00)

#427 Hoppy Egg 5 ($3.00)

#426 Hoppy 3 ($3.00)

#426 Hoppy 3 ($3.00)

#425 Hoppy 2 ($3.00)

#425 Hoppy 2 ($3.00)

#424 Hoppy 1 ($3.00)

#424 Hoppy 1 ($3.00)

#423 Hoppy Egg 4 ($3.00)

#423 Hoppy Egg 4 ($3.00)

#422 Hoppy Egg 3 ($3.00)

#422 Hoppy Egg 3 ($3.00)

#421 Hoppy Egg 2 ($3.00)

#421 Hoppy Egg 2 ($3.00)

#420 Hoppy Egg 1 ($3.00)

#420 Hoppy Egg 1 ($3.00)

#419 B Bunny Egg ($3.00)

#419 B Bunny Egg ($3.00)

#515 Frank Snap Shot ($3.00)

#515 Frank Snap Shot ($3.00)

#514 Hatch Snap Shot ($3.00)

#514 Hatch Snap Shot ($3.00)

#513 Hatch ($3.00)

#513 Hatch ($3.00)

#512 Hatch Peek-a-Boo ($3.00)

#512 Hatch Peek-a-Boo ($3.00)

#511 Hatch in Egg ($3.00)

#511 Hatch in Egg ($3.00)

#238 Brrr Peek-a-Boo ($3.00)

#238 Brrr Peek-a-Boo ($3.00)

#237 Brrr Snap Shot ($3.00)

#237 Brrr Snap Shot ($3.00)

#236 Hedgie Snap Shot ($3.00)

#236 Hedgie Snap Shot ($3.00)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Freebie Friday: Moustache

I have a super fun image to share with you today and I have made a card that I don't normally make which is a wedding card, well I say wedding card I suppose you could use this card to ask any question you want really. Here is this week's image.

You could also use this for a fathers days card too I suppose, well I would any way. You would just need to change the text! Which is why I love digital cards they are just so flexible. And when you have fab digi's like this one you can't go wrong. Any who here is my card.

Told you, this image is just so very flexible and I'm sure you have thought of a fab way to use it thats not crossed my mind! 

I hope you have a happy weekend and I shall see you all next week, with hopefully a bit of sunshine! (that maybe hint or maybe it's not )